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Cheap OSRS Gold Ernest The Chicken

Give him the items, he'll fix his machine which turns Ernest again into a human. You want to help him find a strain gauge, a rubber tube, and an oil can in any order. She wants you to find her fiancé, Ernest, who had gone to the manor an hour ago for directions and has not come again but. It was one of many first quests developed and the primary quest released after RuneScape's preliminary launch. It briefly summarises the steps wanted to finish the quest.
The location of the fish food is going to be discovered on the second floor, in the room immediately south of the winding staircase. Anyway, as for the pressure gauge, you are going to want some fish meals in addition to some poison. Inside the basement, you must end up surrounded by levers and doorways. Exit the manor again and go south-west of the grounds the place you will find a fountain (Map - Picture).
Use the Poisoned Fish Food on the fountain. Search the fountain and you will discover the Pressure Gauge. A spade could be found in the room found in the very east nook of the ground floor. Take the spade with you earlier than you exit the manor .

Finally, for the rubber tube search for the compost just north of the fountain. For this part just go forward and watch what I do carefully, or you can all the time try the guide over on the wiki when you're nonetheless a bit confused. So, for the oil can go to the room all the way to west. Click on the bookcase to open a secret entrance, and head down the ladder.
Once you have obtained each items, use the poison with the fish food to create some poisoned fish meals. Go outside the manor through the east door, and seize a spade located to the west of the exit contained in the door; if you don't have one already. Look for the fountain on the southwest nook of the manor grounds. Use the poisoned fish meals with the fountain to kill the piranhas, and search the fountain to get the gauge. Use the poison on the fish meals to create poisoned fish meals.